Living in a big city will certainly be at risk of high financial needs.

Without it, we will be shifted slowly or even forced to come out if we are unable to balance ourselves with the environment. But there are times when even worse, and we are in a foreign country.

Call it Canada, which is located far away on the American continent, consisting mostly of cities with high living costs. For those of you who are competing for a little thinner, and have been in Canada for some time, it’s good to see some cities in Canada that have the lowest cost of living (the cheapest at the level of Canadian cities too, of course).

You may be fed up with the prices and the very high cost of living, with exorbitant house prices just for a place to rest. If you are looking for low prices, then it’s best to start searching around the Prairies area. This area is quite capable of providing competitive prices compared to other cities in Canada, at least for housing prices.

According to the loop, prices range from US $ 271 thousand in Winnipeg to 355 thousand dollars in the Edmonton region. You will only find cheaper housing prices in the bay area, east of Quebec, while for the Calgary area, prices will go up at 455 thousand dollars.

Calgary City

Meanwhile, if you want to buy a house in western Canada or central Canada, you will be offered an average selling price of between 547 thousand dollars to 785 thousand dollars and many job vacancies await you in the cities of Toronto and Vancouver.

 Job opportunities are also good in the Ontario and Quebec regions with relatively constant housing prices. The lowest housing prices in all of Canada are in the Saint John region, with a price range of 169 thousand dollars. Still, the risk is that you will find it difficult to get work in this region, Saint John is among the regions with the worst job vacancies in Canada.

Another option is the city of Halifax, with an average house selling price of around 265 thousand dollars, with quite a lot of open job opportunities. It is recommended for those of you who are looking for the place with the lowest cost of living in Canada to come to Halifax, with employment opportunities that are always busy, in addition to the city of Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, or Calgary. All prices above are at the exchange rate of IDR 12000 per US dollar.

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