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It was located in the northern United States, making the name of Canada quite popular among travelers.

Because of its beauty, even Canada was once used as the location for the filming of the Korean drama series Goblin, which was booming in the middle of 2018. However, the distance that is quite far from Indonesia sometimes makes you hesitate to include Canada in the list of vacation destinations. Though these six reasons can be sure to bring Canada superior to other destinations. Anything?

Friendly multicultural society

Not much different from the population in Indonesia, people who live in Canada also come from different racial, religious, and cultural backgrounds. This difference is what later became the main tourist attraction for Canada. Amazingly, the condition of the multicultural community in Canada also gave birth to a friendly and polite atmosphere to anyone who came to visit there. You who come from Indonesia are also guaranteed a comfortable vacation in Canada!

The lowest crime rate in the world

The safety of vacation destinations will also be a consideration. Well, you who plan to spend vacation time in Canada do not need to worry. The reason is, this country has the lowest crime rate in the world. This is based on the implementation of multiculturalism policies to create tolerance and respect human rights that are quite good in Canadian society. You will be free from scammer that always offer you some great deal of money return. But, if you want to be rich without being scammed, you can try to play the fascinating judi slot online gambling and get the free 10x spin to win the jackpot.

Clean and pollution-free

Canada is the largest country in North America, with an area of ​​more than 9.9 million square kilometers. Even Canada is also referred to as the country with the second-largest region in the world after Russia. However, environmental cleanliness and air quality in Canada are well maintained. Of course, this is also one of the factors that make Canada must be included in your holiday destination list later.

The cost of living is relatively cheaper

During a vacation, of course, you also have to consider the budget related to living costs while in the destination country. Well, please note that the exchange rate of the Canadian dollar is relatively lower compared to the United States dollar.

Has the most beautiful natural phenomenon

One more reason that makes you obliged to enter Canada in vacation destinations. The existence of natural phenomena in the form of auroras that are so beautiful in the Canadian sky. Aurora itself can only be seen at certain times during the night, without the moon, and in fine weather. In addition to the North Pole and the South Pole, you can also see Aurora in the Aurora Village park around the Yellowknife region, Canada.

A successful metropolitan city that preserves the natural beauty

Although it has been named as one of the metropolitan cities, Canada is also passed by the Rocky Mountains, which makes the temperature there relatively cooler. Besides, to maintain its natural beauty, the Canadian government continues to allow forest areas to flourish and dense and to keep the flow of rivers and lakes clean, free from industrial or household waste. Some surveys conducted even named Canada as one of the world’s most livable countries!

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