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Canada is a country located in North America.

This country is a tourist spot in the United States, which is usually your next vacation choice. However, despite being on the same land as America, Canada is a country that stands alone. Many Americans immigrate to Canada to start a better life. It’s not as big as America, but Canada is a country with beautiful nature and a cool atmosphere. Many tourist attractions in Canada that you can visit.

The country, which is close to Antarctica, makes the climate in this country very cold. In winter, the air in Canada can reach -20 centigrade. Very cold air makes the locals like to consume alcoholic beverages that warm the body. The cocktail is one type of drink with a lower alcohol content that you can try. An interesting mixture can also give a taste more than just bitterness that is usually felt in alcoholic drinks. The following are typical Canadian drinks that are worth a try when visiting this cold climate country. And don’t forget to download the online slot games to play on your mobile phone, keep the fun flow while you drink your most favorite alcoholic drinks.


This Canadian Caesar cocktail is often referred to as similar to one of America’s signature drinks, Bloddy Marry (a type of cocktail too). This one cocktail is a drink based on Vodka, which is then given a variety of additional ingredients.

The additional ingredients consist of caesar mix (a mixture of tomato juice and clam juice), spicy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and a lump of ice cubes. Served in small vessels with celery stalks and lime as a refresher. This drink has a strong and spicy taste, which is certainly effective for warming the body.

This drink was first made by the hotel manager at the Calgary Inn (now known as the Westin Hotel) located in Alberta, Canada. Since this drink is served at the hotel bar, this drink is immediately famous and became a typical Canadian drink later in the day.


Caribou is a Quebecois sweet alcohol that has a composition of red wine, whiskey, and maple syrup or can be replaced with sugar that is powerful enough to warm the body. This drink can be enjoyed hot or cold according to the season.

It is usually served with citrus and cinnamon. This drink is usually enjoyed on the feast of Quebec (one of the provinces in Canada), the Quebec Winter Festival, and the Festival du Voyageur, where temperatures in Canada are usually chilling.


The shooter is one of the popular drinks in the ranks of alcoholic beverages. Similarly, sake can be found at tourist sites in Japan, usually taken at certain parties and celebrations to brighten the atmosphere. Shooter has a composition of McGuinness Cherry Brandy, McGuinness Triple Sec, and Canadian Dry Ginger Ale.

Shooter is one type of alcoholic beverage with a fairly strong level. Therefore, this one drink is served in a mini glass (sherry glass) like espresso. This is to avoid the side effects of heavy hangovers. The correct way to drink Shooter is generally spent in one gulp. This drink is usually used as a companion drink from drinks with more servings in bars.

Canadian Carbomb

This drink is also famous in Ireland, a tourist spot in Western Europe which is famous for its cold air. Carbomb is a drink similar to Shooter. The car bombing incident inspired the name Carbomb itself in the commotion that had occurred in Northern Ireland in the 21st century. Some bars in the UK had rejected the name Carbomb on this drink, and they prefer the title ‘Irish Slammer or’ Irish Bomb.’ Canada Carbomb has a different composition to Carbomb from Ireland. With the basic ingredients of Molson Canadian with a mixture of maple syrup and Alberta Premium Rye.

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