Canada is one of the countries with the best quality of life in the world.

This country is located in the north of the United States. Canada also has many tourist attractions that you can visit. One of the tourist attractions in Canada that is quite popular is Niagara Falls, which is located on the border between tourist attractions in the United States and Canada.

Canada also has many beautiful mountains that you can explore. However, for those of you who are not too familiar with the cold, you should think again to explore the snowy mountains in Canada, because this country is at the northern tip of the world.
Besides having diverse and charming nature views. Canada also has special food that is also a tourist attraction. Well, for those of you who want to try Canadian food, here we present Canadian food that you can taste.

Canadian Bacon

Canadian Bacon

Canadian Bacon or Canadian Bacon, or if in the UK also known as “peameal bacon” usually comes from pork fat loin that has been marinated and ground in corn flour. During the turn of the century, Canada was an exporter of pork to several European countries. For you, Muslim tourists, of course, this one typical Canadian food is not recommended for tasting.

If you want to enjoy this meal, one of the top locations to find Canadian Bacon is at Carousel Restaurant, St. Lawrence Market in Toronto. This restaurant is a world-famous Canadian Bacon restaurant, wherein Carrousel Canadian Bacon is also called Peameal Bacon.

Canadian Nanaimo Bars

Butter Tart

A butter tart is a typical Canadian food that looks like a fruit pie in Indonesia. Canada’s special menu is made by making cookies shaped like a small bowl and filling it with cream, which is a mixture of butter, sugar, and eggs. A butter tart is arguably the best typical Canadian food, with its delicious taste making you crave it after you leave this country.

You can easily find Butter tarts in several coffee shops and bakeries scattered throughout Canada. However, if you want to enjoy Butter Tart, which is truly typical of Canada, you can visit rural Ontario, precisely in Kenilworth, Ontario. You will find the Butter Tart Trail, where there are about 18 bakeries that sell a variety of cakes. Or you can go to Kawartha Lakes City, wherein Kawartha lakes you can enjoy Sweat Butter Tart Tour.

Canadian Nanaimo Bars

Nanaimo Bars

Dessert bar with a variety of layers, where Nanaimo bars are a mixture of crunchy, vanilla icing butter, and melted chocolate. This recipe is estimated to have existed since 1952 in a book called “The Ladies Auxiliary to Nanaimo General Hospital,” which is called “Chocolate Bar.” A year later, a cookbook was published with a recipe called “Nanaimo bar.”

And in 1985, Mayor Nanaimo held a competition in hopes of finding the best and most definitive Nanaimo bar recipes. The best recipes are concoctions from Joyce Hardcastle, where recipes from Joyce can be found on the Nanaimo city website.

Canadian Poutine


One of the most popular dishes in Canada. This dish is claimed to originate from Quebec, one of the cities in Canada. And Poutine is also thought to have existed since the 1950s. Poutine is fried potatoes with melted cheese and topped with meat and spicy sauce.
You can find poutine in every Canadian restaurant that sells french fries. Usually, every restaurant has additional vegetables. If you are lucky, you can take part in the poutine festival held every year in almost all cities in Canada. The average price for one serving is 6.2 Canadian dollars.

Canadian Tourtiere


Tourtiere is a blend of French specialties and Canadian cuisine, resulting in authentic Canadian specialties. Tourtiere is usually made with pork, beef, with the addition of herbal ingredients and spices. However, sometimes you can find fish fill that you usually find in the coastal areas of Canada. This warm food is most often consumed at Christmas and New Year. One of the famous eating places with Tourtiere is Aux Anciens Canadiens, in Quebec City.