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The tower in Canada is the third tallest tower in the world and the tallest structure in North America.

Named CN Tower, this tower has a height of 553 meters. The location is located in Toronto, Ontario. It has been established since 1973, and this CN tower has been visited by many foreign tourists because this CN tower has become an icon and the pride of Canadian society.

This tower has very modern and sophisticated facilities. It has six high-speed lifts with very sturdy glass material. Even this elevator can reach the top of the tower in just 58 seconds at a speed of 22km per hour. It is said Skypod-Lookout-Level. From here, you can look at the entire city of Toronto from the best view side, and even Niagara Falls can be seen. Wow, imagine how tall the tower is. It can even be seen from a distance of 29 miles without using binoculars. Guests can also visit the Skypod level.

Previously, the name of this CN tower was an abbreviation of Canadian National. A railroad company that built this tower on a railroad track. Initially used as a communication and observation tower. But now it is used as an entertainment center because the CN tower is the biggest landmark in Toronto. History alone has recorded that in 1995, the CN tower became one of the seven wonders of the world.

Around two million foreign tourists come to Canada to visit this CN tower. Usually, in October, the United Way organization sponsors the ‘Going Up the Stairs for Charity’ event. Many people participated in this event. Participants must climb about 1,776 steps. This event has also become an annual agenda. On the top floor, there is a restaurant called 360o, the Restaurant which gives a full 360-degree view of Toronto because this restaurant rotates for about 72 minutes. From atop of the restaurant, you can enjoy your meal with fun activities like play the slot online games to win back more prizes, including trip around Banff National Park in Canada.

One of George Brown College campuses is the Waterfront Campus, which is very far from the CN tower about 2.3 km or 8 minutes away by car. Very close. At least, after college, you can walk around looking at the city of Toronto from above. Entrance fees are charged, which is around $ 39.

And here are 7 interesting facts about CN Tower – Canadian Icons


The word ‘CN’ in CN Tower stands for Canadian National, the railroad company that built this tower.


Back in 1975, an antenna was added to the tower. This antenna helps add extra height to make it the tallest tower at the time. In addition, the temperature difference between the antenna base to the TOP is around 10 degrees.

Top 3

CN Toronto Tower is still included in the TOP 3 of all towers in the world. Be forewarned from the Canton Tower in China and Skytree Tokyo.


This tower allows you to see Niagara Falls from the top pod.

Yearly event

CN Tower is the only tourist attraction in Toronto that has loyal and ‘fan’ fans. During October, every year, United Way sponsors the ladder ascending event for charity. Thousands of people participated in this event, which required participants to climb 1,776 steps.

Seven Wonders

In 1995, CN became one of the seven wonders of the world.

Why was it built?

Let’s start a little deeper. Planners need to build this tower because there are too many buildings and skyscrapers in downtown Toronto, and that is hampering telecommunications efforts. They designed this tower so high, and it provided an outstanding transmission with zero interference.

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