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Alberta is one of the provinces in western Canada.

This province is famous for its amazing natural scenery. Starting from stretching grasslands, mountains with snowy peaks, and cities that are rich in artistic and cultural heritage. Here are 8 places that you must visit when traveling to Alberta, Canada.

Waterton Lake National Park - Alberta

Waterton Lake National Park

Lake Waterton National Park features rugged mountains and wilderness terrain, with beautiful hiking trails. The lakes there are the deepest in the Canadian Rockies. The only park service is available on the Waterton Park city site, where you can see deer roaming the streets freely.

Lake Louise - Alberta

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is a lake that is often used as an object of photography in Canada because of its extraordinary beauty. There you can rent a canoe at Lake Louise Boathouse or hiking while enjoying the natural scenery around.

You can invite your friends to enjoy the view and spend the night at Danay Louise by setting up a tent. Of course, you also have to provide food supplies and supplies. So that the atmosphere is even more exciting, you can bring a stack of dominoes to play together. Or you can also play other card games such as Capsa, Poker, Blackjack. However, if you forget to bring a card, you can play online by visiting daftar situs judi slot online terpercaya. Oh yeah, don’t forget to complete your game with cold drinks like soft drinks, cocktails, or beer.

Maligne Canyon - Alberta

Maligne Canyon

Maligne Canyon is one of the most beautiful places in Alberta! Surrounded by lush green trees, waterfalls in summer, and large ice formations in winter. For a more exciting and enjoyable experience, it is recommended to visit this place when the weather is cooler and more refreshing.

Jasper National Park - Alberta

Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park is the best park you must visit in Alberta. The park is home to the Columbia Ice Field – the largest ice field in the Rocky Mountains and one of the largest non-polar ice fields in the world. There you can ride a special vehicle to the ice field, drink from glacier waters and then ride the glass-floored skywalk above the glacier. As the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies, Jasper National Park is also home to a variety of wildlife so that you can find large deer, caribou, deer, wolves, grizzly bears, and others.

Lethbridge - Alberta


Lethbridge is a city located at the foot of the Canadian Rockies, southern Alberta. Lethbridge was formerly known as Whoop-Up Fortress because of illegal activities there. The city has been named the Cultural Capital of Canada because of its rich ethnic and artistic heritage. There you can visit three main museums, the Southern Alberta Art Gallery, the University of Lethbridge Art Gallery, and the Casa. And don’t forget to cross the Lethbridge Viaduct, the tallest and longest steel bridge in North America.

Banff National Park - Alberta

Banff National Park

Banff National Park is the oldest national park in Canada. Here you can visit the most beautiful lakes in Canada. This national park is always crowded throughout the year. Tourists come for hiking in summer and ski in winter. The City of Banff, which organizes the annual winter carnival, is located inside this park.
Athabasca Falls

Athabasca Waterfall is very popular and is a favorite for foreign tourists. The beautiful scenery displayed by Athabasca Falls is indeed extraordinary against a majestic mountain backdrop. There are many platforms to see the waterfall, but be sure to keep following the path because the terrain is quite slippery and cold, so it will be very dangerous if you walk out of the lane.

Elk Island National Park - Alberta

Elk Island National Park

Deer Island National Park or Elk Island National Park is more than just a deer sanctuary, and there are plenty of outdoor recreation areas for adventurers. Apart from deer, there you can find bison, wolves, black bears, beavers, and lynx. In the garden greeting, you can also visit the Ukrainian Pioneer Home, the first Canadian museum dedicated to immigrants from Ukraine.



Canada is one of the countries with the best quality of life in the world.

This country is located in the north of the United States. Canada also has many tourist attractions that you can visit. One of the tourist attractions in Canada that is quite popular is Niagara Falls, which is located on the border between tourist attractions in the United States and Canada.

Canada also has many beautiful mountains that you can explore. However, for those of you who are not too familiar with the cold, you should think again to explore the snowy mountains in Canada, because this country is at the northern tip of the world.
Besides having diverse and charming nature views. Canada also has special food that is also a tourist attraction. Well, for those of you who want to try Canadian food, here we present Canadian food that you can taste.

Canadian Bacon

Canadian Bacon

Canadian Bacon or Canadian Bacon, or if in the UK also known as “peameal bacon” usually comes from pork fat loin that has been marinated and ground in corn flour. During the turn of the century, Canada was an exporter of pork to several European countries. For you, Muslim tourists, of course, this one typical Canadian food is not recommended for tasting.

If you want to enjoy this meal, one of the top locations to find Canadian Bacon is at Carousel Restaurant, St. Lawrence Market in Toronto. This restaurant is a world-famous Canadian Bacon restaurant, wherein Carrousel Canadian Bacon is also called Peameal Bacon.

Canadian Nanaimo Bars

Butter Tart

A butter tart is a typical Canadian food that looks like a fruit pie in Indonesia. Canada’s special menu is made by making cookies shaped like a small bowl and filling it with cream, which is a mixture of butter, sugar, and eggs. A butter tart is arguably the best typical Canadian food, with its delicious taste making you crave it after you leave this country.

You can easily find Butter tarts in several coffee shops and bakeries scattered throughout Canada. However, if you want to enjoy Butter Tart, which is truly typical of Canada, you can visit rural Ontario, precisely in Kenilworth, Ontario. You will find the Butter Tart Trail, where there are about 18 bakeries that sell a variety of cakes. Or you can go to Kawartha Lakes City, wherein Kawartha lakes you can enjoy Sweat Butter Tart Tour.

Canadian Nanaimo Bars

Nanaimo Bars

Dessert bar with a variety of layers, where Nanaimo bars are a mixture of crunchy, vanilla icing butter, and melted chocolate. This recipe is estimated to have existed since 1952 in a book called “The Ladies Auxiliary to Nanaimo General Hospital,” which is called “Chocolate Bar.” A year later, a cookbook was published with a recipe called “Nanaimo bar.”

And in 1985, Mayor Nanaimo held a competition in hopes of finding the best and most definitive Nanaimo bar recipes. The best recipes are concoctions from Joyce Hardcastle, where recipes from Joyce can be found on the Nanaimo city website.

Canadian Poutine


One of the most popular dishes in Canada. This dish is claimed to originate from Quebec, one of the cities in Canada. And Poutine is also thought to have existed since the 1950s. Poutine is fried potatoes with melted cheese and topped with meat and spicy sauce.
You can find poutine in every Canadian restaurant that sells french fries. Usually, every restaurant has additional vegetables. If you are lucky, you can take part in the poutine festival held every year in almost all cities in Canada. The average price for one serving is 6.2 Canadian dollars.

Canadian Tourtiere


Tourtiere is a blend of French specialties and Canadian cuisine, resulting in authentic Canadian specialties. Tourtiere is usually made with pork, beef, with the addition of herbal ingredients and spices. However, sometimes you can find fish fill that you usually find in the coastal areas of Canada. This warm food is most often consumed at Christmas and New Year. One of the famous eating places with Tourtiere is Aux Anciens Canadiens, in Quebec City.



In the west of Canada, there is the beautiful and dear City of Vancouver to miss. Indeed, the prices of goods there are quite expensive, but that certainly can be circumvented.

Some might think that Vancouver is the version of the big city of San Francisco. But believe me, Vancouver is a special city that has unique and different characteristics.

This time I will invite you to get to know the city of Vancouver, which is located on the western edge of the country of Canada. Clean, beautiful, and charming are three expressions that I can call to illustrate the majesty of one of the cities that is touted as the most expensive city in Canada.

Usually, the tourists who visit Vancouver previously visited one of the cities in Washington State, United States, namely Seattle. Based on my experience, a trip from the rainy city, Seattle, to Vancouver is approximately 3 hours by bus or private vehicle.

You need one week to get around and enjoy this beautiful city as a tourist. That was the week I spent while visiting Vancouver. There are many places that you can visit here, for example, Stanley Park, Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver Art Gallery, Robson Square, Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden, Vancouver Aquarium, and others.

When winter arrives, the place that is a favorite of foreign and domestic tourists is Cypress Mountain Ski Area. Their visitors can feel the thick, soft snow for skiing and snowboarding.

The cost of living in Vancouver is very high, so it also impacts on visiting tourists. Usually, tourists have to spend quite a lot of money in this city because prices for accommodation, transportation, and food are relatively expensive, even compared to cities in the United States.

One way to save money when it comes to this city is to stay in hostels that provide breakfast menus and cook for dinner because usually hostels are equipped with kitchens.

As with most cities in the United States and Canada, food in Vancouver is relatively more western. But the difference, here many shops sell good quality organic snacks, so of course, the food is healthier.

Also, based on my observations during the week there, the people who live there are rather rarely buying fast food. That may be because the people of Vancouver have begun to realize about the health effects of the food they consume.

The conclusion from me who only briefly visited Vancouver: This place is one place that is a pity if passed. Some might think that Vancouver is the version of the big city of San Francisco. But believe me, Vancouver is a special city that has unique and distinctive characteristics with other cities in the world. Have a nice trip to Maple country.



Living in a big city will certainly be at risk of high financial needs.

Without it, we will be shifted slowly or even forced to come out if we are unable to balance ourselves with the environment. But there are times when even worse, and we are in a foreign country.

Call it Canada, which is located far away on the American continent, consisting mostly of cities with high living costs. For those of you who are competing for a little thinner, and have been in Canada for some time, it’s good to see some cities in Canada that have the lowest cost of living (the cheapest at the level of Canadian cities too, of course).

You may be fed up with the prices and the very high cost of living, with exorbitant house prices just for a place to rest. If you are looking for low prices, then it’s best to start searching around the Prairies area. This area is quite capable of providing competitive prices compared to other cities in Canada, at least for housing prices.

According to the loop, prices range from US $ 271 thousand in Winnipeg to 355 thousand dollars in the Edmonton region. You will only find cheaper housing prices in the bay area, east of Quebec, while for the Calgary area, prices will go up at 455 thousand dollars.

Calgary City

Meanwhile, if you want to buy a house in western Canada or central Canada, you will be offered an average selling price of between 547 thousand dollars to 785 thousand dollars and many job vacancies await you in the cities of Toronto and Vancouver.

 Job opportunities are also good in the Ontario and Quebec regions with relatively constant housing prices. The lowest housing prices in all of Canada are in the Saint John region, with a price range of 169 thousand dollars. Still, the risk is that you will find it difficult to get work in this region, Saint John is among the regions with the worst job vacancies in Canada.

Another option is the city of Halifax, with an average house selling price of around 265 thousand dollars, with quite a lot of open job opportunities. It is recommended for those of you who are looking for the place with the lowest cost of living in Canada to come to Halifax, with employment opportunities that are always busy, in addition to the city of Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, or Calgary. All prices above are at the exchange rate of IDR 12000 per US dollar.



Canada is a large country on the American continent that has a variety of interesting tourist attractions.

Not surprisingly, this country is very popular in the eyes of the world community—many foreign tourists who crave to come to Canada either for leisure or study there. A beautiful and conducive environment makes this country worth visiting. Check out reviews of famous cities in Canada that are suitable for the following holidays and tours.


Quebec is a city located in eastern Canada that presents a different sensation because it is similar to tourist attractions in Japan. Quebec offers several tourist attractions ‘low budget‘. Famous tourist attractions that can be visited in this city are the Frontenac Chanteaux fort and the River St. Lawrence, located next to each other. Also, don’t miss Hotel De Glace because this unique hotel is made of ice, which is opened during the early winter months. An explanation of the interesting areas in Quebec is as follows.

  • Old Montreal

Not only Old Quebec, but there is also Old Montreal, which turns out to be older than Old Quebec. Old Montreal is the oldest part of Quebec City, located in a small town called Ville-Marie. Old Montreal is often nicknamed “New France” because there are a variety of French-style buildings. McGill St borders the Old Montreal area on the west side, Ruelle des Fortifications in the north, Rue Saint Andre in the east, and Saint Lawrence River in the south. Old Montreal is quite famous in Canada because there are many historic old buildings in this area. Some famous buildings include Sir George-Etienne Cartier National Historic Site of Canada, Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel, Chateau Ramezay, Montreal City Hall and Bonsecours Market.

  • Old Quebec

This old town is perfect for backpackers who like to travel cheap and like to hang out. There is an area precisely Old Quebec, which is favored by tourists because there are many architectural buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries. This historic city has been named a historic site that must be maintained by UNESCO.


Vancouver is the most comfortable city to live in in the world based on world surveys. Vancouver is famous for its beauty surrounded by mountains on the North Coast. If the weather is clear, Mount Baker in Washington, the United States, will be seen from this city. There is the largest urban park in North America, namely, Stanley Park, in this city. Therefore Vancouver is also included as the most beautiful tourist attraction in the world. Not only the beauty that is offered but also the warmth because this city is considered as the warmest city in the snowy winter, though. In this city, there is also a beautiful beach with views of one large rock called Vancouver Seawall.

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is the most beautiful place in Canada that always bewitches tourists with its panoramic beauty. A clean beach with a stretch of blue sea and a beautiful blue sky offers tranquility for tourists. On the north and west coast, tourists can see modern windmills that function as wind energy like in the Netherlands. The tourists who make it to the point will get a ribbon for a memento that marks a visit to Prince Edward Island.


Currently, Manitoba is the center of attention of tourists from various countries because the city is a migration area for polar bears to the ice land in Hudson Bay, which moves from the land without ice. Ontario borders this provincial city in Canada to the east and Saskatchewan to the west. Not only is it a polar bear migration area, but the city also has many interesting attractions such as lakes, rivers, mountains, forests, grasslands, and others. There is a small community in the city whose role is to guide the tourists to take a vacation every fall.


Victoria is one of the favorite city destinations for foreign tourists who come to Canada. The city offers distinctive beauty nuances of England because Canada was colonized by the British. Some of the destinations frequently visited include The Grandeur British Colombia Parliament Building, a parliamentary building in the style of British Colombia with a distinctive Roman and Baroque architectural style; and The Empress, a grand and old hotel in the Edwardian style; and The Butchart Garden, a beautiful flower garden containing more than 700 types of flowers and plants growing in bloom with five main parks, namely Mediterranean Garden, Sunken Garden, Rose Garden, Japanese Garden, and Italian Garden.